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Be in Control

Be in Control
Be in control of your online business with this next generation web hosting plan. This is the ideal plan for those who are serious about their online business and are looking for more than some disk space and FTP account.

Integrated Contact Management
Manage your customers better than ever with our integrated contact management tools. You can capture leads, follow them up and convert them into customers with less effort and with better results. You can easily drill into the customer record to learn more about their behavior and what makes them tick.

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Be in Control Features
SiteWalk - Be in control with no prior system or technical knowledge
Use our breakthrough SiteWalk technology to manage your online business. Without any prior system or technical knowledge you can be hands on instantly and completely manage your website.

Templates - Standardize your corporate branding throughout your website!
Use templates to standardize and re-use your corporate branding effortlessly throughout your web site, on any type of content.

Announcements - Publish your company announcements
Easily publish company press releases using 1-Click Insert. Set release and expiry dates for any announcements and have them appear and disappear automatically. Add announcements to your RSS channels and more.

FAQs - Answer customer questions before they ask!
Create FAQs and customer self-service areas using our 1-Click Insert. Make them secure, track usage and add them to your RSS channels with ease.

Literature - Publish documents on your website and track downloads
Easily publish any type of document including PDFs, MS Word and Media files on your website. Track who's downloading them, and add them to your RSS channels.

Ad Rotators - Keep your site fresh with changing content
Keep your site fresh with ad rotators. Rotate any type of content including images, Flash and HTML snippets. Easily track ad impressions and click through rates.

Blogs - Broadcast your unique voice with your own blog
Engage your customers with a focused blog to broadcast your unique voice. Use RSS to share your blog with people everywhere.

Dynamic Menus - Create navigational menus with no programming
Create stunning navigational menus without any programming. Customize all aspects of the menu and each item. Add an item to an existing menu and watch it appears on the web page - automatically!  

Forums - Build your own community
Create your own community and keep your customers coming back to your website using our interactive forums feature.

Photo Galleries - Create your own gallery in minutes
Effortlessly create photo galleries. Automatic thumbnail generation makes it easy to browse and view photo gallery items. 
RSS - Syndicate and share your content with the world
With a powerful RSS engine built in, you can syndicate any type of content for your customers including blogs, web pages, announcements, FAQs and more!
Search Engine - Make your website searchable
Use our 1-Click Insert technology to add a search feature to your website. Searches through your web pages, announcements, FAQs and documents such as PDF. 
Secure Zones - Create customer loyalty with "Member Only" areas
With built-in membership management you can create an unlimited number of secure "member-only" areas and easily manage customer access to each one.
Web Forms - Create customer enquiry forms without programming
Build customer enquiry forms in minutes without any programming. Attach business processes to each one and be alerted via email and SMS when customers enquire.
WYSIWYG Editor - Create Stunning Web Pages!
Use our powerful online WYSIWYG editor to create, manage and publish any type of content. With complete creative freedom you can create stunning designs in minutes, add images, create link and apply style sheets. 
File Manager / FTP
Use the online File Manager to manage all your images and media and easily add them to your web pages, announcements and other types of content. Use FTP for even faster access to your files. 
Web Apps - Create any type of content and make it searchable!
Create any type of content without any programming - easily manage and publish it on your website. Search, syndicate and share it. The possibilities are endless.Bookings - Automate customer bookings to your events
Automate customer bookings to your events. With built-in capacity handling, automated follow-ups and event reminders will maximize attendance. 
Meta Data Framework - Manage web page meta data effortlessly
Easily attach meta data to any web page using our meta data framework. Create new meta data tags and assign pre-defined values for easy population on web pages.   

Integrated Contact Management Features
Truly Integrated Contact Management
A complete contact management system integrated with every facet of your online business. Your customer database automatically grows whenever your customers purchase from you, subscribe to your newsletters or make enquiries!

Business Process Workflows
A powerful workflow framework allows you to create workflows that automate business processes. With integrated service level agreement and escalation features you can increase responsiveness and quality of service within your organization.
Case Management and Customer Ticketing Framework
A complete customer ticketing framework lets you become a customer service guru. Now you can provide even more exceptional service to your customers. The framework includes service level agreements, escalations and previous customer case history.
This feature is not included in all lead-in plans  

Opportunity and Forecasting Features
With full opportunity and forecasting features you can have your fingers on the pulse and your eye on your pipeline, identify valuable customers and drive higher conversion rates.
This feature is not included in all lead-in plans  

Order/Purchasing History with Recurring Billing
Capture, track and manage all customer purchases in a central database. Process orders more efficiently and easily create reocurring invoices to reduce accounting headaches.
This feature is not included in all lead-in plans  

Relationship management
Create an unlimited number of relationships between contacts and companies to have a complete view of your customers.

Sophisticated Customer Import Feature
With our sophisticated import feature, you can easily populate your contact data with your existing customer list. Import from any existing software using standard formats like CSV.

Build your own reports
Effortlessly build your own reports and retrieve any type of data from your customer database. Export to Microsoft Excel with a click of a button. Save them and run them at a later time!

Fully Customizable Contact Management System
Create your own custom forms and fields and attach them to any customer record.  Extend the system to suit your business at anytime - without programming or technical knowledge.  
Tasks & Reminders
With our built-in task and reminder system, you can set tasks and reminders and be notified as required. Ensure tasks are completed and customers are attended to it reliably. 

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