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Sell Things Online

Sell Things Online
Sell your wares to the largest audience on the planet - internet users. You can sell downloadable products or concrete goods or valuable services, and manage it all with a point and click approach. 

Integrated Contact Management
Manage your customers better than ever with our integrated contact management tools. You can capture leads, follow them up and convert them into customers with less effort and with better results. You can easily drill into the customer record to learn more about their behavior and what makes them tick.

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Sell Things Online Features
Unlimited products and catalogues
Sell an unlimited number of products through your online shop. Create catalogues and sub-catalogues quickly and assign any number of products to them.
Create shipping options with weight/volume restrictions
Create shipping options for every country that you sell in. Automatically display relevant shipping options to customers based on total weight and volume of produts purchased.  
Create your own tax codes
Create an unlimited number of products in any number of countries. Managing tax codes and enforcing them in your online shop has never been easier.
Multiple currencies - Sell to a global audience
Sell your products in any number of currencies. Easily apply multiple prices to a product and intuitively display the right price to the right customer.
Sophisticated product import feature
With our sophisticated import feature, you can manage your entire online shop including prices, descriptions, grouping and more from one Microsoft Excel file!

"Get-A-Quote" option
Provide a "Get-a-Quote" option in your online shope and enable customers to ask you for a quote on any one or more products.
Affiliate Programs - Generate more leads!
Create affiliate programs to track and reward those who refer leads to you. Grow your sales team with the help of targeted affiliate programs.

Completely customizable shopping experience
You have complete freedom to customize your business' shopping experience - right down to the most granular level. You can even customize the checkout process for total consistency with your brand. 
Customer-level discount per catalogue
Build loyalty with individual touches that make your customers feel special. Give each customer individualised discounts to their favorite shopping catalogues!

Customize invoice/quote
Customize your customer invoices for that truly professional look. Our WYSIWG editor makes the whole task effortless!

Group Similar Products Together!
Group similar products together for a better customer experience. Quickly and easily group Small, Medium and Large sizes of a t-shirt together - while tracking inventory of each t-shirt separately! 
Integrated customer database for 360 view of customer purchase history
With our integrated customer database, you have a central location to manage customer discounts and view their entire purchasing history. 

Integrated with popular payment gateways
With integration to popular gateways you can be up, running and selling to a world-wide audience in no-time!

Inventory Control
Enable inventory on any product. Stop selling a product when it "sells-out" or enable pre-ordering to continue to accept orders for a product that is no longer in stock.  

PayPal integration
Easily give customers the ability to use PayPal when buying from your online shop.  

Process offline
Take advantage of your existing credit card processing system. Capture credit card details when customers purchase and process them offline using your existing facility.

Release/Expiry date for catalogues and products
Set release and expiry dates on any catalogues or product. Use these with seasonal items (like christmas decorations) and have them automatically appear in November... then automatically disappear in January! 
Reocurring orders
Setup reoccuring orders and automate customer billing and payments. Save yourself precious time and take one more headache out of  your day-to-day life.

Re-order threshold emails
The system can notify you whenever a product quantity falls below a limit that you set, ensuring that your online shop is always stocked up!
Secure Catalogues
Make any catalogue secure and grant access only to those customers you choose. You can even set when a customer's access to the catalogue expires.  
Sell E-Products and control delivery
Selling electronic products has never been easier. Sell MP3's, PDFs and images. Set download restrictions and more!
Show Price only for approved customers. Preview for others
If you only sell products to resellers then you can enable customers to view your catalogues but not see prices. Show prices to approved resellers only.
Use Related Products for up and cross selling opportunities
Relate any number of products to each other. Now when you sell a mobile phone, the system can suggest that the customer buy a charger and hands-free kit at the same time!  
Ajax for better customer experience
Your customer's shopping experience will be second to none as we use the latest in web technologies. Our eCommerce features use AJAX throughout. 

Integrated Contact Management Features
Truly Integrated Contact Management
A complete contact management system integrated with every facet of your online business. Your customer database automatically grows whenever your customers purchase from you, subscribe to your newsletters or make enquiries!

Business Process Workflows
A powerful workflow framework allows you to create workflows that automate business processes. With integrated service level agreement and escalation features you can increase responsiveness and quality of service within your organization.
Case Management and Customer Ticketing Framework
A complete customer ticketing framework lets you become a customer service guru. Now you can provide even more exceptional service to your customers. The framework includes service level agreements, escalations and previous customer case history.
This feature is not included in all lead-in plans  

Opportunity and Forecasting Features
With full opportunity and forecasting features you can have your fingers on the pulse and your eye on your pipeline, identify valuable customers and drive higher conversion rates.
This feature is not included in all lead-in plans  

Order/Purchasing History with Recurring Billing
Capture, track and manage all customer purchases in a central database. Process orders more efficiently and easily create reocurring invoices to reduce accounting headaches.
This feature is not included in all lead-in plans  

Relationship management
Create an unlimited number of relationships between contacts and companies to have a complete view of your customers.

Sophisticated Customer Import Feature
With our sophisticated import feature, you can easily populate your contact data with your existing customer list. Import from any existing software using standard formats like CSV.

Build your own reports
Effortlessly build your own reports and retrieve any type of data from your customer database. Export to Microsoft Excel with a click of a button. Save them and run them at a later time!

Fully Customizable Contact Management System
Create your own custom forms and fields and attach them to any customer record.  Extend the system to suit your business at anytime - without programming or technical knowledge.  
Tasks & Reminders
With our built-in task and reminder system, you can set tasks and reminders and be notified as required. Ensure tasks are completed and customers are attended to it reliably. 

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